Downlaod VMos Pro mod apk vip unlocked – Android 9 Rooted

Downlaod VMos Pro mod apk vip unlocked - Android 9 Rooted

Download VMos Pro 2.6.0 VIP apk & Android 9 Rooted ROM

VMOS could create a virtual android workplace just a matter of seconds. That used to take hours to complete the same activity. This would simplify operating on Android smartphones a lot safer whether users are a die-hard Android user. By configuring the tools, users will have total control across the new system.

Such tools could turn the phone on and off, adjust the volume, and handle other functions. Gamers may benefit greatly from it since players can play multiple games at the same time having all identities, skateboards, and skins activated for free. Play your favourite games on a well-optimized modern android computer using the app.

VMOS pro has a large user base with billions of unique users and is frequently regarded as the best way to create a virtual Android experience on the Android smartphone in a matter of seconds.

Set up a fictitious phone infrastructure.

You’ve definitely heard about how you can use Computers to establish separate workspaces or accounts for different people. So it’s basically the same stuff you observed in the desktop. However, you have unrestricted access to the new Android platform, and both the actual and virtual environments operate concurrently.

Support for SuperUser as a root user.

Rooting a Smartphone gives you access to a slew of new functions. For example, whenever playing a game, players could unlock inline skaters and jump high and fast to improve your gameplay simpler. However, because rooting might be harmful for beginning users, you can practise in a virtual situation before doing so on the actual one.

Several Applications and Accounts.

User could operate numerous accounts on the applications absolutely free inside the virtual reality. Furthermore, you may run two versions of apks on the same smartphone. For import your data into it, register into using your mail and additional details.


Its systems optimisation capability is an interface add-on that keeps the machine stable while operating all of the apps in parallel for a long time. This includes removing background activities, keeping the phone as comfy as possible, and having synchronisation go faster than usual.
Users would be able to run many apps at once thanks to VMOS PRO, which may help users maximise their work or gaming efficiency so they could have work handled.

Download Vmos Pro Download SAI Installer

More Features:

  • secondry Virtual Android.
  • Rooted Android Roms.
  • Android version 4.4 ROM
  • Android version 5.1 ROM
  • Android version 7.1 ROM
  • Android version 9.0 ROM
  • Transfer of files between the physical and virtual machines.Custom settings.
  • Make changes to the virtual machine’s parameters.
  • Backup of the entire system. (Don’t be hesitant to switch phones.)
  • Always keep your privacy in mind.
  • Use the same smartphone to manage two social media accounts.
  • most of games and apps are supported.
  • Adjustable resolution.

Android 9 Custom ROM features:

  • Android 9 SuperU Root
  • EdXposed Installer built-in
  • Google Play services Built-in
  • Google PlayStore Built-in
  • Root checker Pro Pre-installed
  • Files Manager Pre-installed

Msot Asked Questions About VMos Pro:

Q: How does VMOS Pro work?
Answer: VMOS pro is a brand-new and turning technology. Through simultaneous workspace or parallel system, this provides virtual additional native Android os for the smartphone. Users could switch between physical and virtual systems at any moment using VMOS Pro. Data and apps are kept on the local machine.
Q: Is VMOS Pro a rooted system?
Answer: Users have the supreme choice. Inside Vmos Pro Â«ROM settings», users could enable the button «Grant root authority.»
Q: What is VMos Pro system requirment?
Answer: The device should have memory capacity of minimum 32 GB as well as 3 GB of RAM is required. Furthermore the phone’s operating system must be Android 7.1 or above.
Q: Is it possible to clone an app from a real phone to it?
Answer: Yes. → click on floating icon → click File tansfer → Select Application → Import
Q: How is the speed of VMOS Pro?
Answer: Because all of the data is stored locally on your mobile, it is really quicker than a cloud phone. There’s no need to send data across the internet.
Q: Why does VMOS pro need storage, Phone, location, contact permission?
Answer: These permissions are required by VMOS Pro in order to effectively imitate real-world cellphone situations.
Q: Is VMOS Pro safe for real phone system?
Yes, absolutely. There are two distinct mechanisms for the actual smartphone and VMOS Pro. Both systems’ data would never collide.

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